Welcome. Greetings from the Great Behind.

May the Poop be with you.

Many moons ago, in a thick cloud of marijuana smoke, my friend Arthur and I would sit around reading R. Crumb’s and the other indie comic book writers/illustrators of the day’s comic books and we talked about publishing our own comic book. We couldn’t draw and our writing was suspect, but we did come up with a name for the comic book – Gorilla Poop™. Unfortunately, that’s all it ever became – a name – not a comic book someone could actually hold in their hands and read, through a similar cloud of marijuana smoke. These days we’d publish it on line and promote it on social media to our legions of fans, some of whom might be reading it in a thick cloud of marijuana smoke. But, alas…

Arthur went on to other glories but I always remembered the name Gorilla Poop and I bought the domain name a couple of years ago. I’ve tried different things here but the poop doesn’t seem to stick to the virtual wall. Maybe I’ll come up with something new some day.

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